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[translator unknown]

Bil Brillig i slithiski tovi
V Wab girten i gimblten
Vce mimsik bil Borogovei
I momrathi bgrabten.

This translation came to me with no additional information about it available. More than one person has mentioned that it's an extremely bad translation. The following email message sent to me may explain why it's so bad.

"As far as I know Russian and something about machine translation, it seems to me that the translation you have was made by no human being, but comes (as a test result, perhaps) from a very primitive MT program provided with almost no dictionary! It is obvious that this "translation" converts some grammatical morphemes of the original into SOMETIMES appropriate Russian ones, leaving the roots of all full-meaning words unchanged. It sounds [nothing like] Russian at all, even in the sense of Carroll's nonsense art. E.g., the word 'slithiski': Russian has no 'th' - it could not be pronounced in Russian!"
Be that as it may, I decided to leave it in anyway, just for completeness.


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