Wired Cola

What is Wired Cola?
                              Wired Cola is X
                              Wired Cola is it
                              Wired Cola is hip
                              Wired Cola is cool
                              Wired Cola is hyper
                              Wired Cola is dreams
                              Wired Cola is fantasy
                              Wired Cola is happening
                              Wired Cola is excitement
                              Wired Cola is mindblowing
                              Wired Cola is exhilerating

Wired Cola is the library book you never returned
Wired Cola is a hamster running tirelessly on its wheel
Wired Cola is the light in your fridge which comes on when you open the door

                        W     C     I     F     Y
                        I     O     S     O     O
                        R     L           R     U
                        E     A                 !

               The light of the twinkling stars are reflected
     in the eyes of a lone wolf
                                as it howls atop a snowy mountain
                        at the full moon
                           high above

                                       This is Wired Cola

WIRED( COLAD )DERIW--------+H+-+H+-+H+-------+H+------------WIRED( COLAD )DERIW
\~\~\         /~/~/                                         \~\~\         /~/~/
 ~\~\~\     /~/~/~                                           ~\~\~\     /~/~/~
   ~\~\~\_/~/~/~                                               ~\~\~\_/~/~/~
   _/_/_/~\_\_\_                                               _/_/_/~\_\_\_
  /_/_/    \_\_\_                                             /_/_/    \_\_\_
/_/_/        \_\_\                                          /_/_/        \_\_\
WIRED( COLAD )DERIW~`-.W,-'~`-.R,-'~`-.D,-'~`-.O,-'~`-.A,-'~WIRED( COLAD )DERIW

     WIREDCOLA                                                   COLAWIRED
     IREDCOLAW                                                   DCOLAWIRE
     REDCOLAWI                                                   EDCOLAWIR
     EDCOLAWIR                                                   REDCOLAWI
     DCOLAWIRE                                                   IREDCOLAW
     COLAWIRED                                                   WIREDCOLA

In short...

Wired Cola

It's CyberMorphic™!