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Peter Cole

'Twas Balti and the Saag Aloo
Did Murgh Makhani Rhogan Josh
All Methi were the Vindaloos
And the Madras Tok Gosht.

Beware the Pathia my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch.
Beware the Tandoori and shun
the Chicken Hasnabad.

He took his Handi Prawn in hand,
Long time the Mughlai foe he sought,
So rested he by the Thali tree
And stood awhile in thought.

And as in Pilau Rice he stood
The Pathia with eyes of flame
Came Shashlik through Tandoori Trout
And Rasam as it came.

One, two! One, two! And through and through!
The Sobji Cakes went Chicken Chat.
He left it dead and with its head
He went Pakora back.

And hast thou slain the Pathia?
Come to my arms my Bhaji boy!
Peshwari Naan, kheema, korma
Niramish in his joy.

'Twas Balti and the Saag Aloo
Did Murgh Makhani Rhogan Josh
All Methi were the Vindaloos
And the Madras Tok Gosht.

© Peter Cole 1998.

Peter Cole writes:

Ordered a takeaway curry...and doodled this while I was waiting.

Glossary ("courtesy of my local Indian Takeaway menu"):

Chapati: thin flat bread

Balti: Our Balti dishes are made with only the finest ingredients, carefully marinated in specially prepared recipes of herbs and spices, allowing the flavour to enrich each individual Balti

Saag Aloo: spicy combination of spinach and potatoes

Murgh Makhani: Chicken Tikka from Tandoor then simmered in a spiced butter sauce

Rhogan Josh: Lamb cooked with fresh tomatoes, green peppers, herbs and clarified butter

Methi: (Fenugreek) Thick sauce with fenugreek and fresh spices

Vindaloo: cooked with potatoes and tomatoes in very hot sauce

Madras: cooked with fairly hot sauce

Tok Gosht: a hot and sour dish of lamb cooked with whole spices and dry red chillies and given a special aroma by being marinated in vinegar

Pathia: slightly sweet, sour and hot, with tomatoes in a thick sauce

Tandoori: marinated and cooked in Tandoor over charcoal flame

Chicken Hasnabad: braised chicken cooked with traditional spices, potatoes and green chillies

Handi Prawn: prawns cooked in a medium spiced sauce and served in a special handi saucepan

Mughlai: mildly spiced and cooked with cream and yoghurt garnished with almonds and pistachio nuts

Thali: a selection of dishes served with pickles and naan bread

Pilau rice: basmati rice

Shashlik: marinated, cooked over charcoal with onions, tomatoes, capsicum and mushrooms

Tandoori Trout: whole fresh trout marinated in the traditional style and then baked in the tandoor

Rasam: a spicy, lentil-based soup from southern India with a variety of vegetables

Sobji Cakes: mixed vegetable cutlets

Chicken Chat: small juicy pieces of chicken, spiced with sweet sauce

Pakora: fresh prawns marinated with spices covered in egg coating then deep fried, served with salad

Bhaji: thinky sliced onion, gramflour and herbs shaped into round cakes and fried in ghee

Peshwari Naan: naan bread filled with a sweet stuffing of almonds and raisins

Kheema: minced lamb

Korma: flavoured with herbs cooked with mild spices in creamy sauce

Niramish: mixed fresh vegetables cooked with herbs in clarified butter

Peter Cole's email: carnivor@flytrap.demon.co.uk

Website: http://www.flytrap.demon.co.uk/cchome.htm

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